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The Wargraves and Remembrance Graves of Ystradgynlais and District is one of four local history websites, put online as a community resource, freely accessible to everyone. The main purpose of Ystradgynlais Wargraves is to present a detailed memorial page for each of the fallen from both world wars. These are indexed on the World War One and World War Two pages. Initial identification comes from the war memorial, basic information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and detailed information from the Llais newspaper archive, local memorials, cemeteries and family contacts with the researcher.


We are pleased to present this year's project as a contribution to the Centenary of WWI It is a document entitled: YSTALYFERA YSTRADGYNLAIS And DISTRICT 1914 -1918.

It tells of some of the things which occurred throughout those years but unlike the Fallen of the Tawe Valley, these men and women, thankfully returned home. The information has been compiled from articles printed in the Llais newspaper, with one or two references from The Cambrian Daily Leader, over the period of four years, with 1919 included where appropriate. The document has been divided into chapters, e.g. Furlough, Wounded, Recruits etc. The layout follows a diary format, although when a serviceman/woman is frequently mentioned they have been brought together under the main chapter heading, so as to keep their continuity.

Click here for the utility version of the document; it should either open in your browser, or download. If you wish to force it to download, right-click the link and choose 'save link as'.

A highest quality but large version can be downloaded by clicking this link.

For a long time, Ystradgynlais did not have a war memorial in the form of a cenotaph, and the plaques in St Cynog's Church seem to have played that part. In the late 1970s, The Valley Star newspaper was part of a campaign to establish a memorial, that would later become the monument we all know down by Parc Gorsedd.

Read Val Trevallion's Introduction to Wargraves Research in the Upper Swansea Valley.

Ystradgynlais Wargraves is put online by Swansea Valley researcher Val Trevallion and Wolfian Design. This website is a community resource, freely accessible to everyone, and we are not affiliated with any other organisation.
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