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Scout Memorial Trophy Unveiling Order of Service

On Saturday 8th April 1950, an unveiling ceremony was held at the Scouts Headquarters in Penrhiwvarteg for a memorial trophy for the dead ex-scouts, killed in the Second World War. Reproduced below is the Order of Service for the Unveiling of the Memorial Trophy, thanks to Mr John Owens, a relative of 'Skip' Morgan, for this information.

1st Swansea Valley Group
Memorial Trophy

To the Old Scouts who were 'Called
to Higher Service' in the Second
World War, 1939-1945

Saturday 8th April 1950
at 6:30pm

The Memorial will be Unveiled by

Order of Ceremony
1. Rev D.L. Williams, B.A. (Chaplain) will open the Ceremony
2. Hymn: 'Our Hymn'
3. Brief Testimonies by :-
  (a) District Commissioner Jenkin Evans
  (b) G.S.M E. Morgan
4. The Names of the Fallen will be read by Mr W.A. Thomas -
  P.L. Eddie Guppy
  Second Gwilym Hopton
  T.L. Tom Humphreys
  Scout Harkless Rowe
  P.L. Emlyn Watkins
  Scout Cedric Williams
  Second Sidney Woodcock

Major D.V. Williams
6. Dedication
7. Hymn: 'The Lord is My Shepherd' will be sung by Master John Hopton
8. Last Post and Reveille
9. Hymn: 'Teach Me To Play The Game'
10. Benediction

Tune: 'Our Rhondda'

Oh Great God, Our heavenly Father,
Hear this prayer we make to Thee
Give Thy Scouts the strength to serve Thee
Here, and to Eternity
Guide us - Guard us - Keep us - Help us
Hear us as to Thee we pray.

Keep our honour always to be trusted
Make us loyal to our King
Helpful may we ever be to others
Every day 'Good Turns' shall bring:
Scouts there are in every nation,
Brothers, always friends to all

Make us courteous, kind to all dumb creatures
Teach us always to obey;
Smiling, give us strength to face our troubles,
Thrifty, saving day by day:
Keep us reverent, keep us holy,
Clean in thought, and word, and deed.

So 'midst Cambria's streams and mountains,
Lift we thankful hearts to Thee,
Life and health, and all Thy blessings
We acknowledge gratefully:
And when called to 'Higher Service'
Grant us, Lord, to 'Be Prepared.'


Tune: 'Thy Will Be Done'

Teach me, O Lord, in life's long trail
To Be Prepared in Thy dear name
In every thought, and word, and deed;
Teach me O Lord, to play the game

Guide me, as through this world I roam,
Keep Thou me free from sin or blame,
Protect me, whereso'er I be
Teach me, O Lord, to play the game

Grant me health, Thy Love to feel
When sickness lays me low, the same,
At work or play, whate'er I do,
Teach me, O Lord, to play the game

When things go wrong, when times are sad
When life is bright, success and fame,
Cheer me, nor let my pride prevail,
Teach me, O Lord, to play the game

Teach me to live, that I may die
Without remorse, regret, or shame
And in the solemn hours of death
Teach me, O Lord, to play the game


(Words of both Hymns were composed by the
Late Lord Glanusk, C.B., D.S.O., Scout
Commissioner for Wales).

The Unveiling Ceremony was reported in detail in the South Wales Voice, the local valley newspaper, printed in Ystalyfera.

Names of The Fallen 1939-1945

Eddie Guppy
Gwilym Hopton
Tom Humphreys
Harkless Rowe
Emlyn Watkins
Cedric Williams
Sidney Woodcock

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