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The Wargraves and Remembrance Graves of Ystradgynlais and District is one of four local history websites, put online by Swansea Valley researcher Val Trevallion and Wolfian Design. They are intended as a community resource, freely accessible to everyone, and are not affiliated with any other organisation. The main purpose of Ystradgynlais Wargraves is to present a detailed memorial page for each of the fallen from both world wars.

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Stepping Out Into Showbusiness

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Simone dreamed of becoming a showbusiness star during her nights in the air raid shelter in the garden of her home in Southall, during World War Two. After joining the A.T.S. in the war, she became part of the concert party entertaining the troops, eventually joining the Windmill Theatre.

How To Write Alternate History

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How To Write Alternate History is a series of articles by Grey Wolf, examining subjects such as the identity of man, whether man makes the weather, how the everyday in an alternate world is going to be changed and what names for music, vehicles, weapons etc would be different.


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